Over the past thirty years, there’s been a great deal of research conducted and white papers and articles written identifying the barriers to gender diversity. But there hasn’t been much information and support designed to empowers leaders—those who are committed to transformation in their organizations—with deeper understanding, practical knowledge, and breakthrough solutions for achieving greater gender balance in management and leadership.

This is the purpose of The Gender Intelligence Chronicles

To increase the level of Gender Intelligence in organizations the world over, helping men and women grow in their understanding of and appreciation for gender differences.

The Gender Intelligence Chronicles will contain articles written by Barbara and her associates, reinforcing the insights shared in the Gender Intelligence Workshops as well as articles on contemporary issues facing women and men in companies looking to grow in their diversity and competitiveness, including:

  • How Men and Women Negotiate and Why
  • The Leadership Styles of Men and Women
  • Building Gender Balance in Teams
  • How to Conduct a Town Hall Meeting
  • Conducting Job Interviews
  • Building Client Relationships

In addition, The Gender Intelligence Chronicles will contain:


“First Look” articles by Contributing Authors, today’s top thought leaders in Gender Diversity, highlighting their up-coming books.


Compelling in-depth interviews of executives, luminaries, celebrities, and government leaders—women and men who are advancing Gender Intelligence in their companies, industries, and countries, as well as in the arts and media.


Book summaries of thought-leading authors in gender studies— from neuroscience, to cultural psychology, to management and leadership.

Our intent is to build a library of hundreds of articles, in-depth interviews, and book summaries and make this online learning resource available to our clients through site licenses.

“My sincere appreciation for the Men and Women in Business Program. We have had tremendous feedback from the participants from all aspects of the program. This truly was a “state of the art” experience. Thank you Barbara, your powerful messages and tremendous presence was the key. You and your associates are true professionals. Also, many specifically commented on how valuable it was to hear from our customers, partners and competitors on this very important topic.”

Khalil E. Barsoum – CEO/President of IBM Canada

“Our conference was a great success, much thanks to your fine involvement and excellent presentation. We could have listened to you for hours; we do hope to have a much longer encore in Stockholm next year. You were EVERYBODY’S favorite speaker and the perfect conclusion to the day.”

Renée Lundholm – President of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

“Barbara has been a true blessing for our company; she spins her magic, plants seeds in everyone’s minds that have grown into unforeseen results.”

Tom Schwartz – Four Seasons

“The Executive Coaching that Barbara Annis & Associates provided can only be summed up as a transformational life-changing experience. Not only was I able to overcome several major hurdles in my professional and personal life, but I actually enjoyed the ride. From the bottom of my heart… I thank you.”

Jim Riddell – Executive Vice President of General Motors

“In the two decades, scores of diversity consultants have appeared on the scene in global businesses and governments… The best of the bunch is Barbara Annis.”

Tony Blair – British Prime Minister

“Anyone who has experienced a coaching session or workshop with Barbara Annis will never be the same… It’s a wake-up call that leaves you refreshed and with fire in your belly.”

Mary Kay Ash – Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

“Barbara has an ability to get in under my skin and create unparallel learning for me, a very cynical businessman. Thank you doing this with such tenacity and elegance.”

Richard Barton – CEO & President of Xerox

“I had no idea how important it was to recognize gender differences. It affects everything we do from how we work in teams, market and sell our product, and deal with management. Thank you Barbara! An outstanding session for both men and women.”

Rob Singer – President, Europe of Sarah Lee