You are personally invited to attend a “Deep Dive” session for

gender intelligence



Join us for a unique opportunity to explore both the professional and personal sides of Gender Intelligence®

Our Deep Dive into Gender Intelligence® transforms how both men and women typically
think about gender. You will discover the potential pitfalls to your success, personally grow as a Gender Intelligent leader, identify ways to navigate your career and directly grow in your authentic nature as a leader, and apply these breakthrough insights in your daily work and life.

Learn and explore with leaders from across the globe on how we can create gender intelligent, inclusive cultures that can transform our world. Come join us in this expanding and deeply engaging conversation about gender in the very midst of the beautiful and inspirational Red Mountains of Sedona, Arizona.

A limited number of spaces are currently available in the following sessions:

2020 Dates To Be Announced

By invitation only and open to the first 25 respondents

Location: Red Rock Mountains of Sedona, Arizona 105 Cibola Drive, Sedona, Arizona 86336

Two-Day Session:
Day 1 – 9am–5pm , Day 2 – 9am–4pm

What You’ll Gain: Promised Outcomes

• Transformative experience and personal insights to apply in your daily life and work
• Skills in how to start a new conversation about gender equality as a win-win for all
• Understanding of the barriers/pitfalls for men and women, and how to overcome
• Practical approaches and tools to help individuals, teams, and organizations
• Ideas on how to apply Gender Intelligence® concepts to improve your business
• Research and guidance on what works and what doesn’t to advance women in
• A Gender Intelligence® Certification and badge for your LinkedIn profile
• Valuable peers and allies added to your network.