Gender Intelligence Institute


Gender Intelligence Group is delighted to share Gender Intelligence Institute at Eagle Crest, Arizona. Set among the inspirational red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Eagle Crest offers a truly unique experience in Leadership and Gender Intelligence training and education.

GenderIntelligenceInstitute_SedonaThe Gender Intelligence Institute is a non-profit research and education endeavor dedicated to the advancement of gender diversity and inclusiveness in corporations, educational institutions, and government organizations worldwide. Barbara Annis herself, the world renowned leader in corporate gender intelligence training, will initially offer a small number of limited-enrollment seminars, presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for organizational leaders around the world to learn and grow in their leadership in one of the most beautiful and inspirational settings on earth. Through awareness, research, and education, the Gender Intelligence Institute will bridge the gap of understanding between men and women to create a more inclusive, more productive world. Together, we will advance a level of awareness and understanding that is not in existence today, an inclusive mindset that respects and actually seeks out and embraces gender differences.

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