Gender Intelligence Group has worked with over seventy-five Fortune 500 companies to create cultural shifts and breakthroughs. Every one of our clients has realized tangible results including:

  • Saving millions on turnover costs annually
  • Increased productivity by attracting and retaining top candidates
  • Improved morale and creativity of employees
  • Avoidance of litigation over pay and promotion packages

We have learned over the years that it is simply not enough to offer a one-size-fits-all training program. Organizations want to realize three outcomes:

1. That our training programs address their specific cultural and organizational needs

2. That they are receiving maximum learning for their investment

3. That the learning is insightful and sustainable

Our proven Four-Phase Consultative Process begins with a detailed needs analysis using our proprietary online diagnostics tool. We identify targets and a team, and develop a training program suited to your needs.  We then assist in that program’s implementation.


  • Current State Quantitative Analysis
  • Review all current organizational data
  • HR Surveys
  • Representation
  • Exit Interviews
  • Current Gender Diversity Initiatives
  • Other related material
  • Conduct a Deep Dive Root Cause Analysis to Supplement
  • Online Gender Diversity Diagnostic Tool – Scroll to the bottom to watch a demo of the tool!
  • Root Case Qualitative Analysis – Interviews & Focus Groups
  • HR Interviews
  • Administer Global Gender Awareness Assessment
  • Apply for Certification Through Global Equality Project



  • Predictive Matrix – Laser Focus
  • Recommended Breakthrough Solutions
  • Individual and Collective Mindset
  • Talent Management
  • Organizational Culture and Leadership
  • HR Recommendations
  • Develop Compelling Business Case and a Specific, Measurable Strategic Plan
  • Present to Leadership Team
  • Ensure Leadership Alignment, Commitment and Focus



  • Building Leadership Practices
  • Inclusiveness & Gender Diversity Sessions
  • Leadership Development and Readiness
  • Gender Awareness Talent Management Practices
  • Recruiting
  • Advancement
  • Retention
  • Succession Planning
  • Building Strategic Capabilities
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Foundational Mindset Learning
  • Individual and Group Awareness Building
  • Embed into Existing Programs



  • Building Internal Capability – Gender Diversity Retreats, Sedona
  • Measure progress
  • Create Indisputable Success Stories
  • Internal and External Communication Plan
  • Branding at Gender Intelligence Summits


See how the diagnostic tool can work for you 


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