Like any investment in employee satisfaction and productivity, diversity and gender equity require a commitment to core training. We’ll help you get there with cultural diagnostics, strategy and program design, then deliver the workshop, coaching session or e-learning solution that’s tailored to your audience.

We help organizations build Gender Intelligence by assisting individuals to move beyond diversity issues hampering growth. Our workshops have helped thousands of professionals gain new insight and a workplace advantage. Beginning with our proven consultative approach, we zero in on the specific needs of your workplace.

Next, we work with you to design a program tailored to your team. Since every workplace is different, we’ve created a diverse set of tools to meet the needs of every organization.



With our proprietary diagnostics tool, we’re able to assess the specific needs of your organization quickly, and move rapidly toward implementation.


With a network of highly-skilled trainers worldwide, we’re able to offer workshops on a variety of themes connecting to Gender Intelligence in the workplace.

Executive Coaching

Get to the root of it quickly with our unique online diagnostic tool and proven process, then watch as we design a training program that’s exactly right for you.


Author and gender specialist Barbara Annis delivers her breakthrough message on Gender Intelligence at conferences and corporate gatherings around the globe. E-Learning Bring the training to life with dramatic scenarios in DVD-based learning programs or online.

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