GIG Survey

Welcome to your Workplace Gender Intelligence Survey

Is your CEO authentically committed to advancing women in leadership in your organization?

Are members of your executive team committed to advancing women?

Do you have a compelling business case that convinces all executives of the importance of Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion?

Does your business case focus on bottom line values both internally in teamwork and externally with clients or customers?

Do you have a clear and measurable strategic plan for advancing women?

Are you having challenges advancing women and minorities at all levels?

Are you having challenges recruiting women or advancing women through the interview process?

Are you having challenges retaining women and minorities?

Have you recently implemented mandatory diversity training for your leaders and managers, such as unconscious bias training?

Is there presently a sponsorship program for high potential women, just mentorship, or neither?

Are male leaders a part of your women’s network or women’s leadership council?

Have you conducted a cultural analysis to understand exactly what you are solving for?

Do you understand why your existing D&I programs may not be showing the success you expected?

Are you actively working on engaging men in the gender conversation?

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