Global Gender Intelligence® Assessment (GGIA)

ggiaSelf-assessment is a critical starting point to addressing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects of our gender-pervasive world. If we first understand our own nature and motivations we can begin to understand and value that of others.

The Global Gender Intelligence® Assessment is a valuable online self-assessment tool to help men and women better understand gender, become more inclusive, and provide strategies for how to improve effectiveness in key aspects of work life and personal life.

Developed by Barbara Annis of the Gender Intelligence Group (GIG) and Alan Richter of QED Consulting, the Global Gender Intelligence Assessment (GGIA) is based on QED’s online Global Diversity Survey©. The advantage of the adaptation of the tool to measure gender awareness is its usefulness across all organizations and all cultures to help measure individuals (and baseline organizations) against the best global insights and practices around gender.

Designed to increase awareness and understanding of one’s self, others, and the world, the GGIA is a self-scoring tool that people complete for their own development; results are confidential and not shared with anyone.

The GGIA will significantly raise the bar on improving gender awareness in the workplace, helping men and women:

  •     Understand and eliminate  the gender “blind spots” that hinder communication
  •     Become more inclusive of the diversity of ideas emanating from gender-blended teams
  •     Bridge their differing values and priorities and find the complement in each other’s unique strengths

Given the disparities between men and women globally, this tool will be a powerful addition to a suite of products offered by GIG as well as QED, designed to generate greater diversity, awareness, and skills worldwide.

There are two versions of the GGIA—both designed for global use. The standard version is for employees or staff members, and a leadership version is for those in leadership or management positions. Additionally, the tool is suitable for for-profit, non-profit, government, and academic environments.

To preview or purchase the Global Gender Intelligence Assessment, please contact:

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