Gender Intelligence Group


For more than two decades, we’ve been delivering breakthrough results to Fortune 500 companies and a wide range of organizations around the globe. Often our clients begin the process of building Gender Intelligence with some concern over what it will really bring, only to discover the benefits far exceed their expectations.

For more than 20 years, Gender Intelligence Group has been showing companies how Gender Intelligence can improve employee satisfaction and the bottom line. We’re convinced that gender awareness leads to increased productivity, creativity and retention. And our clients couldn’t agree more.

Gender Intelligence Group works with Fortune 500 companies that want to create cultural shifts and breakthroughs. Why? Because they see tangible results including:

– Saving millions on turnover costs annually

– Increased productivity by attracting and retaining top candidates

– Improved morale and creativity of employees

– Avoidance of litigation over pay and promotion packages

At Gender Intelligence Group, we’re dedicated to bringing the latest research and thinking on Gender Diversity and Inclusiveness into the workplace. As the recognized leader in Inclusive Leadership, we’re helping organizations achieve a true competitive advantage by ensuring that every individual in the workplace has an opportunity to excel.

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